Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Jvon on Demand allows anyone to register their own store front within the Jvon on Demand Platform. Regardless of offering a service or having products to sell. Vendors that will be selling products have the option of fulfilling their own orders, any shipping charges that you charge on the product will be provided to you or by using our Jvon on Demand fulfillment services. Jvon on Demand fulfillment services are available in a limited number of cities.

If you select to have Jvon on Demand fulfill your orders in selected Cities, you must have your products stored in our main warehouse. We will have our preferred couriers arrive at your destination to pick up your products. We ask that you provide a minimum amount depending on your product.

If you are fulfilling your own products to the customer your product must be delivered within 4 days

regardless of holidays or etc, products not fulfilled within 4 days will be subject to a refund for the customer that placed the order and you the seller will be charged a penalty and possibly be removed from the Jvon on Demand platform.

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